Scary Mask or What?

How are you managing with the Covid regulations? How have you found managing with face coverings?

My brother Colin has been constructing model boats in his man-cave as long as I remember and has become well-known in the model boating world. He always wears a large mask to protect him from toxic fumes from the glue and resins he uses to stick the pieces of boat together. 

However, one day during the first lockdown of Covid-19, he suddenly produced his ‘gas mask’ and announced he was going to wear it whilst shopping at the local supermarket. 

His shocked family took one look at him and said: “NO!” “You can’t do that! You’ll give people a heart attack – you look like something from outer space!!” 

Thankfully, he was only joking – but for a moment ….. 

Mary Bishop-Pinn 

Meanwhile elsewhere in Surrey…..

Other brothers in scary masks are available! My brother says he will wear it when he goes to his local vaccination centre for the jab, but then again, maybe not.