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Shalford Village Hall

Everyone said parking was easy and they enjoyed the chance to catch up. We agreed some topics for the next couple of sessions so come and join us at 14.30 on 15/12/22. We have had to cancel our planned topic due to disruption of the train services that would make travel difficult for our session leader. We will be Christmassy instead!

24 people came and there’s room for more.
Events People

Message from the President

Unfortunately our Group activities were forced into hibernation by Covid during 2020 and 2021.
2022 has seen a re awakening  of our Group’s activities which we have attempted to make more varied and exciting. They are detailed elsewhere on the Website.
This year we have welcomed some new and active members to the Group and we look forward to seeing more new faces in the the coming weeks and months.
We plan to recommence our Thursday morning Head and Neck MDT Clinic coffee mornings however because it is on hospital grounds before we can start we need to catch up with the Hospital’s statutory and mandatory training.
Our monthly ‘drop in’ afternoons are starting again on the third THURSDAY of each month and commence this month on the 17th. November. They are for New and Old Group members.
We are now holding these meetings at Shalford Village Hall which has many advantages including being in walking distance of the Shalford Train station and there is a map showing the way there elsewhere on the website.
The upcoming dates of these meetings, all of which will have a theme to the meeting, are: 17th. November  and 15th. December 2022 then 19th. January 2023., etc.
All the meetings start at 2.30pm. We look forward to seeing many of you at these meetings.
N.B.   Don’t forget the usual Christmas Party on 10th. December at the usual venue of the Royal Surrey County Hospital Social Club in Gill Avenue Guildford at 2.00pm. RSVP please before 3/12/22.

Best wishes to everyone

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Have you ever considered volunteering?

We are always are happy to welcome people who are considering volunteering. Even if you only have 1 or 2 hours to spare every month or a few hours once or twice a year we have plenty of things to do.

….it could be fundraising, running activities at a group meeting, helping with our IT, adding to our links section, writing something for our stories section…

if you’re interested please email us : or, if you would like to see what we do and meet some volunteers please come along to Shalford Village Hall, Shalford. GU4 8BQ on Thursday 17/11/22 or Thursday 15/12/22 between 14.30 and 16.00.

look forward to hearing from you …

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Fundraising this Autumn

Events People

It isn’t always about tea and cake but more about being with people who understand

Events People

A trip to a pick your own fruit farm and garden centre

Events People

A guided tour of the gardens at Losely Park this summer

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Your Stories Matter

Can you help us by sharing your stories about your recovery? 

We have found that “our stories” are some of the most searched areas of the website. We would like to add more stories to the ones we have already. Are you happy to share yours? Ideally they would not have too much detail that would enable others to easily identify you.

Our website editor is happy to help in anyway. Contact us by email –

Living People

Can You Hear My Voice?

“Can You Hear My Voice?” is a triumphant documentary about a choir unlike any other in the world – a choir whose singers have no voice boxes. The film is produced and directed by award-winning Los Angeles documentary filmmaker Bill Brummel – his first film since having his own voice box removed in 2016.

At its heart, “Can You Hear My Voice?” is a film about the arduous transition from life with a voice box, to one without. It’s told through the personal stories of members a one-of-a-kind choir in London, made up of individuals who because of various throat cancers, have had their voice boxes surgically removed in a life-altering surgery called a laryngectomy.

The film follows the choir as they prepare for the most ambitious concert they’ve ever performed, a sold-out performance at London’s historic Tabernacle theatre, and features songs made popular by Nina Simone, Tears for Fears and Louis Armstrong. Interspersed with the concert preparations, are the personal stories of three members of the Shout at Cancer choir. Their specific accounts are examples of the broad experiences of laryngectomy patients, and how they traversed the traumatic psychosocial obstacles of living without a voice box, to emerge as fully engaged, communicative and accomplished human beings.

“Can You Hear My Voice?” is an entertaining and triumphant testimony about a universal theme – the human capacity for resilience, even in the face of overwhelming adversity. 

We understand that the film will be distributed in the near future. 

If you would like to watch the official trailer click on the link below: 

Fundraising People

Jo “The Elf” runs for our charity

Jo took ‘elf and safety to the fast track! 

One of our loyal supporters – and a former committee member of Second Chance – took the idea of ‘elf and safety to a new level just before Christmas. 

Jo Brown celebrated her 48th birthday by running 10km around  Camberley and Frimley in Surrey  on a cold day on December 14 – dressed as an elf! 

Her brave efforts raised £35 for Second Chance. Thanks, Jo! 

If you’d like to donate to Jo’s elf run, use our JustGiving page


Scary Mask or What?

How are you managing with the Covid regulations? How have you found managing with face coverings?

My brother Colin has been constructing model boats in his man-cave as long as I remember and has become well-known in the model boating world. He always wears a large mask to protect him from toxic fumes from the glue and resins he uses to stick the pieces of boat together. 

However, one day during the first lockdown of Covid-19, he suddenly produced his ‘gas mask’ and announced he was going to wear it whilst shopping at the local supermarket. 

His shocked family took one look at him and said: “NO!” “You can’t do that! You’ll give people a heart attack – you look like something from outer space!!” 

Thankfully, he was only joking – but for a moment ….. 

Mary Bishop-Pinn 

Meanwhile elsewhere in Surrey…..

Other brothers in scary masks are available! My brother says he will wear it when he goes to his local vaccination centre for the jab, but then again, maybe not.