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Can You Hear My Voice?

“Can You Hear My Voice?” is a triumphant documentary about a choir unlike any other in the world – a choir whose singers have no voice boxes. The film is produced and directed by award-winning Los Angeles documentary filmmaker Bill Brummel – his first film since having his own voice box removed in 2016.

At its heart, “Can You Hear My Voice?” is a film about the arduous transition from life with a voice box, to one without. It’s told through the personal stories of members a one-of-a-kind choir in London, made up of individuals who because of various throat cancers, have had their voice boxes surgically removed in a life-altering surgery called a laryngectomy.

The film follows the choir as they prepare for the most ambitious concert they’ve ever performed, a sold-out performance at London’s historic Tabernacle theatre, and features songs made popular by Nina Simone, Tears for Fears and Louis Armstrong. Interspersed with the concert preparations, are the personal stories of three members of the Shout at Cancer choir. Their specific accounts are examples of the broad experiences of laryngectomy patients, and how they traversed the traumatic psychosocial obstacles of living without a voice box, to emerge as fully engaged, communicative and accomplished human beings.

“Can You Hear My Voice?” is an entertaining and triumphant testimony about a universal theme – the human capacity for resilience, even in the face of overwhelming adversity. 

We understand that the film will be distributed in the near future. 

If you would like to watch the official trailer click on the link below: