At our last drop in session at Shalford Village Hall we were joined by Sonia Rahim and Becky Field from Atos. A big thanks to them for refreshments as well as our superb resident cake maker ( a superb lemon drizzle).‘Sonia and Becky first told us about the role of the best start and field nurses. When a patient is registered with Atos by their speech and language therapist they are offered the opportunity to trouble shoot any problems that might occur in the early days with a best start nurse. Typically they could be helping with stoma care, base plates, voicing with valves or using an electrolarynx. If necessary the Atos nurse can contact the relevant health care professionals on the patient’s behalf. In addition patients registered with Atos will have access to a nurse for as long as they need. They gave us a really helpful opportunity to discuss travelling safely this summer. Atos also have online support in the form of online coffee mornings, webinars and my life events.

There is an online Coffee and Conversation session on 25/05/23 at 10 am. Also there are other online sessions:

15/06/23 2-3pm about A guide to travelling safely this summer. The session for tracheostomy is on 13/06/23 2-3pm

29/06/23 2-3pm an online workshop for improving taste and smell

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