Some memories from 2021 Summer activities:

Newlands Corner
Some members brought their friends

Woking half marathon 2021 – raised funds for this years’s activities

Fund raising for the Charity

The cake sale at Cranleigh School – a great success

Mary’s chutney was our best seller!

Jo Brown, one of our loyal supporters and a former committee member, has already shown how things can be done – she ran 10km dressed as an elf. see our news post: Jo “The Elf” runs for our charity

It isn’t even the first time she’s done this – here she is on a previous run dressed a little more seriously.

These were our stories around Christmas 2020 and New Year 2021

Second Chance Is Back – With a Revamped Website 

A big hullo to everyone! Yes, Second Chance has been very busy behind the scenes over the past Covid-blighted months, working to adapt our support service for patients with head and neck cancer, along with their family and friends. 

Covid, with its resulting lockdowns and restrictions, has  left many of us feeling isolated and lonely – but we want to assure you that Second Chance is still up and running and will continue to offer support, both practically and emotionally. 

Now that our website is up and running again, we want your help in an informal survey. We would love to receive any personal stories of how you have coped – or are struggling to cope – during the pandemic. You don’t have to give your name; just describe your experiences – both good and bad, which you would like to share with the group – along with any tips! 

For instance, has Covid-19   made it difficult to access any practical needs (equipment, etc.)?  How hard has it been to see relatives, friends and carers during the year? 

Just email us your thoughts and feelings and let’s  look forward to the day when we can all meet up again in the flesh!  

In the meantime, stay strong, keep well – and enjoy communicating with Second Chance on the website. We look forward to hearing from you. 

With all good wishes, 

Mary Bishop-Pinn (website news editor) 

A Christmas message from our chairwoman, Margaret Faultless 

Dear everyone, 

I’d like you all to know that you are all very much in our thoughts.  

We’ve been working hard to find ways to keep the group informed. It’s been a difficult year, but if you keep your cup half full, it is amazing what good you can find. 

Personally, I have been very grateful to my family, friends and neighbours for keeping me supported. One of my neighbours is a lovely three-year-old girl, who picked up a bunch of roses in Sainsbury’s and asked her mother: “Buy them for Margaret”.  Her five-year-old sister made a necklace of some ‘jewels’, threaded on a string for me. 

Life can throw you challenges at times, but keep looking on the bright side if you can. 

Let me wish you all a very good Christmas – even if the best present you will get is the Covid vaccine! 

Keep safe. With love,  


Message from our president, Patrick Chapman 

Hello Friends, 

The Covid-19 pandemic has put us all in difficult situations, where our normal activities have been curtailed. We have now had two lockdowns, where meetings with others have all been affected – and has emphasised to us all the importance of human contact. 

The Second Chance Head and Neck Cancer Group had to cancel all our usual events this year. It was with a heavy heart that we had to cancel our monthly drop-in meetings, along with a trip to the RHS gardens in Wisley, as well as our summer and Christmas parties.  

However, it looks like there is hope over the horizon and I feel we are riding the worst of the storm and hopefully heading towards a safe harbour. 

We are starting to plan for 2021. Our plans include: 

  • Holding ‘Zoom’ meetings for those who prefer not to travel 
  • We have been scouting for venues where social distancing meetings are possible.
  • We are investigating a number of places where we can meet in person in the New Year and will keep you informed of progress on the website 

But to make sure we keep our charity relevant as to what is needed for existing and future members, we need your input. 

Let us know if times are hard and you need some help and support. 

Please contact us any time by email: 

Patrick Chapman, President